What to do to get fame ?

(Vijay Ritam)


 Our goal is not at all wanting to criticize anybody, as this is useless. It is to correct falsity, to defend, to protect dharma, to try to prevent that lies and legends are spread about Yogiji. However, when doing so, one is sometimes obliged to cite names, and to show the way some misdeeds are done.

Among all the papers and books we ever read on Yogi Ramsuratkumar, written by devotees, we have not noticed any distorsion in the narration of events. For sure, a lot of times, the author speaks of himself, and this is absolutely normal. Sometimes we can find exaggerations, nevertheless there is nothing as exaggerated self projection or disrespect for others. Never. And when some disciple found that something was going wrong with the Ashram for instance, he never acted in the back of others, but went frankly, even too frankly!

The only distorsions we have read come from the same source, and this source is Hohm community, based in America and having Mr Lee Lozowick as its head.

One of the first lie we read was this one,which you can read in one of the Hohm Press books : "Yogi Ramsuratkumar predicted 25 years ago that people will come to Tiruvannamalai Ashram by looking for the "American guru". Later everyone realized that is Lee Lozowick »" First, we bursted out laughing a lot when reading this. Then, we were dumbfounded, knowing the way Yogiji would have said such a thing. Everywhere in Hohm Press books, you can find this kind of incredible distortion. Sending this big lie (everybody knows that, nowadays, absolutely nobody comes to Tiruvannamalai to look for any American guru) to a well known Yogiji's disciple, we received this answer:

"Making use of the name of God or Master and marketing them for material well being and name and fame is what is happening mostly in the religious field all over the world. No religion or religious group is an exception. There are thousands who claim themselves to be Avatars or persons who have attained Divine powers. ... God has endowed man with a brain that has highest potentiality. "Buddhau sharanamanviccha"--"Take resort to your brain" is the message of Gita. People who do not make use of their brains fall victims to all false Gurus and creeds. And those that have the brains find the right guides in life. "

Taking resort to the brain is what is called, in a better 'translation', using Buddhi., the faculty of discrimination. Let us try to help our brothers and sisters to use their buddhi.

We were surprised, once, to receive an email from one of the main students of Lee Lozowcick, student who was in Tiruvannamalai in the 90's for the creation of an Ashram for Lee. Here is the email we received:

"It was only a handful of years ago when I decided to leave Lee as my teacher and fully accept Bghwan as my master. One of the reasons I decided to do this is because of some of these actions that Lee does and always has done. When I took this act to leave him, being a double scorpio that he is and not a master like he thinks he is, he did everything in his power to stop me from going around France working with people and bringing them to Yogi. As you know this brought much heart pain number 1, then anger and tension. As I traveled around, I spoke of all this injustice to different people. "

The words "being a double scorpio as he is and not a master like he thinks he is" were really strong! And they came from one of his main students! We had met him so often in Tiruvannamalai. We went to his room, where lot of pictures of his master, Lee, whom he revered so much, were on the walls. Such a change might have strong reasons!

1) We know, by this student, who passed a lot of time, day after day, in Yogiji's presence when the Ashram construction was on the beginning, that he left Lee to take 'Bhagavan' as his Master. We know that he left Lee because the latter prevented him to spread Yogiji's Name and Glory in France! So, on one side, Lee wanted to spread Yogiji's name and, on the other side, he prevented others to do so, wanting to be the only one, as if he was the only one to have any right to do so! And this when this student, M., passed much more time in Yogiji's presence than Lee himself.

2) There is a way of using books on Yogi Ramsuratkumar to spread legends and using this Sacred Name to get fame: The few books that appeared in the West about Yogi Ramsuratkumar were published by Lee's Press, called Hohm Press. It means that these books are the only books that are known in the West, and they are well distributed. Such is money power. Only one, in French and Spanish, was published by another house. Mani's book was published by Hohm Press, Young's book was written by a Lee's student and published by Hohm Press, Ryan's book the same. When they came to know that Olga Ammann was on the way to write a book, they approached her to publish it, provided that they can add some things. When Olga said "no", their reaction was terrible. The way is to try to get a monopoly of whatever concerns Yogi Ramsuratkumar in the West, Lee wanting to project himself as the 'only son' of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Nothing is wronger.

3) There are two ways to spread the legend :

a) The first is to exaggerate to the maximum things concerning the relation between Yogi Ramsuratkumar and Lee Lozowick. This even goes as far as telling lies, as sometimes telling the complete opposite of truth. We don't know a lot about Ryan's book (however, the first quoted sentence comes from this book), but this way appears in both the other books, Mani's book and Young's book. This way appears also in words that have been witnessed.

b) The second way is to crash whatever 'concurrence' could appear in the West, as it seems, and this is completely western, that there is 'concurrence'!! As Ma Devaki said, there are not a lot of Western devotees. Hilda Charlton is no more there, Will Zulkowsky passed away, Caylor Wadlington is following his path, Bret does not make noise. The others are Lee and Krishna. It means that Krishna had to be put down, crashed and crushed. There is a website he maintains! Heis the only one telling something. Yogi Ramsuratkumar wanted them to be in good terms and, twice, asked Lee to pay a visit to Krishna, the first time in France and the second time in Mauritius. Lee couldn't do otherwise and he went there, very quickly. However, after Yogiji's mahasamadhi, he began to make politics in the back. When his ex-student spread Yogiji's name by his own, he has also to be crushed right away. "Double scorpio" M. says.

Krishna cannot speak about what he does not know. He has just received what was said by two Lee's students who has left Lee, and he is a witness of some events that were lived at the same time by Lee or by someone of his Hohm group. It is why he could only speak of these events. Each time he was with Yogiji, he took notes immediately after the meetings. It is with his notes and words that we entered in the matter, so incredible was the difference between two narrations of the same events, the first written on the spot, the second years later ....

So, let us take first Mani's book.

1) Please read pages 27 to 30 concerning Mani's visit at the end of 1993. After this, please go to the narration of the same event by Krishna, who wrote this narration on the very day of 1993. You will see a lot of differences!

On these pages, you have a little mention of Krishna, as follows : "Krishna Carcel, a Frenchman who had fallen in love with Bhagavan, was also in the room. After leaving my home in Madras he came to stay in Tiruvannamalai for a while to be close to Bhagavan. Bhagavan asked Mr Carcel about his stay in Madras and many other things. He gave permission to travel back to Madras with Sadhu Rangarajan and me. Mr Carcelle would stay with us until he returned to France in two days time."

We are able to see there the 'second way': to crush whatever 'concurrence' that could appear in West.

- First, Mani mixes things. In Krishna's notes, you will see that these events were taking place not on one day, but on several days. Please see here (29th Nov.) and there (5th Dec.)

- Second, you will see how Mani is projecting himself when it was only on that visit that Yogiji 'took' him surreptitiously.

- Third, even these few lines about Krishna are biased. You will see that Krishna was not just "a Frenchman who had fallen in love with Bhagavan". Bhagavan took Krishna's life in His hands in 1987 and Krishna had already had twice His darshan in 1990 in Sannadhi street house. You will see that Bhagavan was waiting for him. More, an article written by him (which Bhagavan liked so much), entitled "India my Mother, Yogi my Father", had already appeared in Tattva Darshana more than two years before, in 1991! More again, before these events, during the Summer 1993, Yogiji had suggested to Krishna to go with Sadhu Rangarajan to Northern India for spreading Ramnam... (this letter could be brought).

- Fourth, we are totally surprised to read such things when Mani and Krishna were so close at this end of 1993, Mani having given shelter to Krishna, they prepared the celebrations of Yogiji's Jayanti in Chennai together. In Krishna's notes, many Mani's words at that time are recorded.... Other things concerning this have been written elsewhere.. when, in 2003, Krishna learnt that Mani had written a book and wanted to get in touch with him ... No answer ...

2) Let us go, in the same book, to the way of projecting oneself. Mani's book was published by Hohm Press, as said before. We think that, as they wanted to do with Olga's book, they have added things ... So, in this book, you can discover a complete chapter on Lee Lozowick that is the complete opposite of truth and that is full of lies, concerning Mani's feelings towards Lee as well as the 'story' of the ashram for Lee in Tiruvannamalai. You will even read these words, put in Yogiji's mouth by Mani : "My Father has failed". He even says: "Bhagavan used to say "My Father has failed." (p. 304). Every true devotee of Yogiji perfectly knows that it is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE that Bhagavan said such a thing. He would have said : "This beggar failed" or "My Father failed this beggar", but never "My Father has failed!". My God! So, the entire chapter is a complete legend, everything is false. This chapter is entitled 'Yogi Ramsuratkumar and Lee Lozowick'. But Mani did not renounce selling himself for his book to be published. And we don't speak about many pictures of Lee with Yogiji that appear in the book!!! It is just incredible.

So, you can read this chapter in Mani's book, then go to the narration of the events by Krishna (written immediately after the events) here. Concerning Yogiji's words about Lee's ashram, the proof that this chapter is a string of lies is brought by a tape with Yogiji's words. This tape was recorded during these morning darshans, nobody knew of it (for sure Yogiji knew, and is not the tape usefull now?). Yogiji's words are present in Krishna's narration. So, please, read Mani's book and, after doing so, read Yogiji's words. You will be dumbfounded....

Now let us take the book "Under the Punnai Tree"

We did not want to read this book, as we did not want to watch the videotape, since we knew that, for sure, as it was published by Hohm Press, it was another exercice consisting in projecting Lee Lozowick as the 'successor of Yogi Ramsuratkumar'. But, when Ma Devaki asked Krishna to go through Will Zulkowsky's papers to see whether this material could be useful, since a part of this material was used in this book, we had to order it and read it.

Had not this book indulged in the same practice, it could have been a very good biography. It is a pity that they cannot prevent themselves to believe in creations and fancies. The book makes an incredibly disproportionate room for Lee. Sometimes we ask whether it is a Yogi Ramsuratkumar's biography, or a Lee Lozowick's biography (if not hagiography). OK, the book was written by one of his students! But what! Is it not the duty of a writer of a biography to go everywhere, to check everything to be sure that what he writes is the truth and not legends? Has he to be a blind believer and just copy what people tell him without checking at the personality of these people, or has he to be the most objective it is possible to be? It seems that the perfect biography concerning Yogi Ramsuratkumar could only be written by somebody who does not belong to Hohm community and is not published by Hohm Press. And the best so far is the biography written by Sri Parthasarathy, entitled Amarakavyam, Yogiji's disciple from this time of the Punnai tree. How it is that, in this biography, there are just three small mentions of Lee, the second one to say that Lee was asking to distribute his book among the devotees, the third one saying (at a time Lee was there) "In another few days, Yogi said that he would like to have a long sleep. Saying this, Yogi requested Sri Lee of US to conduct the session for the rest of the time. But as soon as Yogi retired into his abode to take rest, the devotees would disperse. Only the followers of Sri Lee and some canual visitors would be there listening to Sri Lee." .. ? How it is that, in the book "Waves of Love", written by someone who was for years with Bhagavan, his name is only cited in connection with M. "like this : "M. (the same M. we spoke about above), a student of Mr. Lee Lozowick in the Hohm Community in the United States of America"? We don't mean that Lee has not his place. Not at all. Lee was one among the many devotees of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. What is meant here is that the space given to him in this book is 'crazy'. But, as it was said : "Only the followers of Lee and some casual visitors would be listening to Sri Lee." The same for this book.

So, in this thick American book, everything is done to project Lee as the one who has been anointed by the Master for the West. And there is nothing wronger than this. You find a lot of exaggerations ... and a lot of pictures...

Yogi Ramsuratkumar had asked three times Lee to go and meet Caylor Wadlington and Will Zulkowski. First He asked, then, knowing Lee's reluctance, as Will and him were "like day and night", He strongly insisted. Obliged to go to Will in the same way he was obliged to go to Krishna, "Lee spent some time with Will but seemed bored and left" (it is not what is said in the book ... butWill is no more). Both were in connexion through Hilda Charlton. As for Caylor, he was the author of the first Yogi's biography, and it was not possible to evacuate him, as it would be impossible to write about Yogiji's life at this time without quoting Caylor.

Let us come back to Will. Will passed a lot of time with Yogiji. He loved Him, he surrendered to Him. Will had given money for Caylor's book to be published. Will even paid for one of Caylor's trip to India. Will was a wonderful person, and Bret confirmed this too. Everybody who was in touch with him at Hilda Charlton's confirms. One of Lee's students, John Lennon, was sent to Will to get an interview. It must be said that Will had begun to write a book about Yogiji, entitled "MEETINGS WITH YOGI RAMSURATKUMAR". However, after the interview, he stopped. Only two chapters have been written. Nobody knows why Will stopped. Some say that he was discouraged to do so after this interview, but one can think that, as he says so many things, he could have thought that it was no more useful to continue to write his book as what he said will appear in some other book. And Will's interview has been used in the book. It is good so much Yogiji had insisted on him. Good also because Will speaks about Yogiji, and not about himself. Will passed away some time later. So, it is nice to see Will's presence in the book. These pages are much more objective than the numerous pages about Lee.

a) Let us take a first example, an event narrated also by Krishna on the spot. It concerns the 29th Nov. 1993. Here is another example that we already met in Mani's book : self-projection and crushing others. The event is supposed to be narrated by Balarama, a Lee's student who, before M., was in Tiruvannamalai for the expected Lee's ashram. Note that Balarama says this on the 6th February 2003, that is to say more than 9 years later, when Krishna's notes were written just after the event in 1993. Here is what it is said (p. 368-369):

"The Professor gave Lee's new poetry book to Yogi Ramsuratkumar; he held it very delicately, as if handling an object of inestimable value. He looked at his picture on the cover then glanced inside.

I saw Krishna Carcelle, a man visiting from France, pranam and offer prasad - some apple butter made by his wife. It was my turn next, and not having had the presence of mind to pick up prasad on the way there, I reached into my pocket and pulled out two pieces of candy, prasad that Lee had given me back in the States. Bowing before Yogi Ramsuratkumar, I said, "These are from Mr. Lee for you."

One can see both the things : projection of Lee and crushing of Krishna. Krishna is evacuated with one little sentence. Please note that even the smallest thing is so much embellished : "as if handling an object of inestimable value"!!! Krishna did not notice this at that time .... Now, as for Krishna, 'a man visiting from France', please see what has been said above. You can see that, in both the books, the same expression is written. Krishna is just "a man visiting from France", and that's all, when even Lee's book is of an 'inestimable value'. But let us continue: (now the writer speaks himself, using Balarama material:)

"Yogi Ramsuratkumar looked at the candies with some astonishment, as if he had never seen such delights before. Almost wistfully, he said "Lee, Lee ..." His eyes filled with tears. He turned to Devaki and said, "Open".

My God, this is wonderful! How it is that nobody did see tears on Bhagavan face and heard "Lee, Lee..."? And as for the book, Yogiji was astonished as if he had never seen such delights before"!!! Is it not marvellous? Everything is so much beautified, exaggerated, created!

She opened one up and placed it in his mouth. He looked at her and said, "Open", indicating that he wanted her to open the other piece for him to eat. She said that one was enough. He insisted a second time, "Open", so she reluctantly opened up the second piece and said again that one was enough for now.
"You, he said, pointing gently to her. Everyone laughed as she popped the second piece into her mouth. He turned his attention back to Balarama and gazed at him with eyes full of tears, as if seeing him from a distance and trying to focus on something he saw faintly that he wanted to bring into his field of vision. After a few moments Bala sat down again.

My God! How it is that, when any of Yogi's movements were so important for Krishna, he did not notice anything of this? Let us continue.

Sadhu Rangarajan then gave Yogi Ramsuratkumar a letter that Lee had just written to him the day before in Madras. Having just awakened and still not well, Yogi Ramsuratkumar appeared somewhat dazed and confused as Devaki opened the letter. Then she showed him the three poems from Lee that were enclosed.
- 'Shall I read them, Bhagavan?', Devaki asked, holding the poems in her hand.
- "Yes...." He responded slowly. He seemed to be reflecting deeply, then he mused, "Lee has written all these poems for this beggar", as if he was continously astonished at such a gift. It seemed that as the poems from Lee had accumulated over the years, their ability to transmit the essence of the guru/devotee relationship and who Yogi Ramsuratkumar was had become apparent. The poems had taken a particular position - a graceful place - in the beggar saint's work, empowered as they were by his own hand".

Wooh! Is it not wonderful! But it is not finished:

"This beggar didn' know what these poems were at first, and he didn't save them," he said, his eyes shining. He said that when Lee first came to him, for a long time the poetry was the only communication between them. He told the story of Lee coming to visit him in 1986, and how Lee had sat in the hot sun. To Balarama's great surprise, Yogi Ramsuratkumar started to cry as he told this story and spoke of the suffering that Lee must have endured that afternoon", etc. etc. etc.

Reading this, one is not surprised that this day Balaram heard that Yogiji said that "Ma Devaki was Lee's eternal slave!" !!!! That's the same vein! By the way, how is it that the book does not quote this? Because, God, Balarama repeated it so many times!

Now, please compare with Krishna's notes here. Here also, like for the story of Lee's ashram,you will be dumbfounded.

b) Let us take another example : The reader buys a biography of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. But he is surprised to get a short biography of Lee Lozowick that begins on page 161! And this biography is a panegyric, which is false in part. For example, it is written this :

it is said this : "…from 1970 to 1975 … Lee, along with some of his students, began to attend Hilda Charlton's weekly "classes" in New York City and they became close friends." Also this : "Another one of Lee's favourite teachers was Hilda Charlton; they met in 1971 and become close friends - a friendship that continued until her death. After the event of this awakening, Lee continued to make the drive in from New Jersey to New York City every week to attend her nighttime "meetings". Hilda seemed to have a natural simpatico for Lee's radical insights and heretical stance, and she easily took him under her wing. When people would complain about his crazy ways and vexing behaviour, Hilda would smile and say, "Don't bother Lee, kids", as she used to call her students, "Lee is alright."

However, the truth is this one : "What bullshit! What "awakening"? Hilda was nice to people when they were leaders . She pulled them in often to be able to correct them. A.. said she heard the name Lee once but she never saw him and A.. went to all the classes... I never saw him. But I can't say anything about years before 1975. But Lee was not with her until her death and only rarely if at all between 75 and 86... there is exaggeration about the "closeness" and about him being there at the end. "Lee is alright" is hardly great praise from a spiritual teacher of her calibre. She was a peacemaker and she acknowledged the slightest desire for God on anyone's part. She used to say "Ram Dass wants God" when people would complain about him. To say someone is "alright" is not an acknowledgement of their advanced state. It means..He's ok, he's not a bad person. And besides...from what I saw of Lee on that video, I could NEVER imagine that he had had a long and close relationship with Hilda as all of her people who were close and really with her were very different, very humble and loving and other centered...If he was with her it was to shine in reflected glory until he found someone better known to be with."

Now, you have a funny part. You find a quotation of Lee about his so-called 'awakening' (which, for those who know, was just what we call the 'second birth' and nothing more, and it has strictly nothing to do with what is called 'realisation'), and in the 21 last lines, you find 19 times the word "I, me, my" while, in these very lines, he says that "The 'I was not there'. " Sure it has come back!

At page 163, you find this : "Lee was highly critical of .. Indian gurus who came to the States in the 1970s seeking devotees, money and fame'. We ask the question why he did become like them…

At p. 168, you find a funny commentary. One of Lee's students narrates that, at the first meeting of Yogiji and Lee, Yogi asks Lee to light his cigarette. Lee lights 6 matches but they go off. Only at the 7th he is able to light Yogi's cigarette. Now here is the commentary (in a biography of Yogi Ramsuratkumar) :

"The universal symbolism of the number seven, particularly the seven chakras of classical yoga, was not lost on the Americans; if Yogi Ramsuratkumar smoke away the karma of whomever he was working with, then it was quite difficult to find karma to burn in Lee's case, requesting seven matches to finally engage the process."

It is not fantastic! What an interpretation! And the author gives it for free! And he does not give it as an assumption, but as an affirmation! Why not this interpretation instead: "It seems that it was nearly impossible to burn Lee's karma, so thick it was, as the matches didn't want to burn. The six first matches went off, one for each chakra from the head. This karma was so big that the process could only begin at the lowest chakra…."

So, is it good for a writer to indulge in such completely subjective commentaries? Is this the required objectivity? The first interpretation has no place here, as well as the second one.

All this could be done, creations, stories, legends, etc... in a special book on Lee without any problem. Up to people to use their buddhi to know what is true and what is false. It is another problem, everybody finds what he needs. But here it is a book about Yogi Ramsuratkumar, and His name has not to be used to get fame, and, what is worse, with artifices and tricks. All that is not written by Lee, but it is written by other people, it is very clever.

At p. 374-376, when Yogiji says : "This dirty beggar's is Lee's slave... Lee is this dirty beggar's master... he has come here to bless this beggar', when, soon after, he asks Lee to go himself to tell Indians devotees to go away, it really seems that nobody understands and they take it for truth! Nobody even asks himself the question whether Yogiji is not doing this to put Lee in front of his own pride! To teach him humility. No, it does not seem to even touch them lightly... Nobody understands that Yogiji could speak using antiphrasis! As Americans looked at Indian people as at second class people, was it not a good thing to ask him to go to the gate and tell them himself to go away, to chase them? Would it be not possible to understand this way? Because, could Yogiji really express that He was Lee's slave? God! Are they blind? Incredible! "He has brought an army to destroy this beggar", and He laughed! The army was the other Americans .... He says, in the same vein, "This beggar is nothing .... but Lee is blessing us." Yogiji's lila! This kind of things is brought in the book without any discrimination.... What was meant to crush the ego has been used to make it swell!

There are so many things like this. Take p. 433 2è para were it is said that, during the homa, Yogiji suddenly opened his eyes and said : "Lee Lozowick". This is totally false, Krishna was there, near Lee, this never happened. The book is full of such creations.

At p. 455, another funny addition: Lee arrives at the ashram and has a statue to give to Yogiji. The writer says: 'The photographers got wind that something important was about to happen and came up to snap pictures". Which important thing? Which photographers? There was no one, except Armstrong, the 'official photographer' who was always there for the jayanti and other special occasions. Yes, the book is full of such imaginary additions that make it a fairy tale. It's terrible, because this book, without this tale, would have been great.

Another little example of the way to project oneself while crushing others is p. 456 and 457. First, it was not during the jayanti celebration that the Sankaracharyas visited Yogiji, but after. p. 457, about this visit, it is spoken of Krishna as a mere 'French devotee'. And it is spoken of him because it was not possible to speak only of Lee there. How funny it is, once again. It is written this : "At the instruction of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Mani came forward and invited Lee Lozowick to approach the dais and receive his blessing and prasad. Then Krishna Carcelle, a French devotee, was also invited to approach and receive a blessing." God, why this guy, who was just a 'French devotee' was presented to the Shankaracharya in the same way as Lee? Read Krishna's notes there about this Shankaracharya's visit, and read how this year Krishna was always by the side of Yogiji during darshans and never Lee (this changed the next year, when it was the turn of Krishna to be apparently put on the side, the same way Lee was apparently put on the side in 1995). External things are not important, and this very little example is there too to show the way of projecting someone who could be called in the same way : "an American devotee" or "a frequent American visitor". To call him so would be false, in the same way it is false to call Krishna like this.

In the same way, p. 460, we find the only mention of Bret Carlson, as someone who is "a regular visitor ar the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram"! Normally, it is spoken a lot of Lee, but here, why don't they speak of Bret as a great man who gave his own house to Lee's community, to be thrown away from it some time later???? Why they don't speak of it? And Bret also went on Yogiji's seat! And he sang before Yogiji! Why not to speak more of this great American? A little bit later, in the same way as before, obliged to do so, it is written "It became a very common occurrence for Yogi Ramsuratkumar to ask Lee to sit by the wall to the right of the dais with Krishna Carcelle, a French devotee who was a frequent visitor of the ashram..." Is it not funny, just a 'frequent visitor?' So, why to put Lee and Krishna together? Look at Krishna's notes (from 1987 to 2000!)... The frequent visitor who passed many more days by the side of Yogiji than Lee, a frequent visitor who shared Bhagavan's breakfast in the hut, who was asked in 1995 to come every night at Sudama near Him ... How is it that Yogiji requested Lee to visit twice this frequent visitor, once in France and the other time in Mauritius. When spoken about this last visit it is said that Lee "spent several days visiting with Krishna." Actually, it was one day and half.

In the same way, why it is not spoken of Michael, who passed so many months there in the ashram, and who was, at that time, a Lee's student and meeting Yogiji every day? Why we don't read his evidence? Michael has a lot to say!

In the same way again, at the date of 27th November, the author speaks about Lee's speech, but does not mention Krishna's and Bret's speeches...

Another strange thing, maybe the strangest, is that we don't find any mention of Justice Arunachalam, but only once, very quickly, just his name.... This when Justice Arunachalam is, in this story, more important than many, including Krishna and Lee! This when Justice will be appointed as the Head of the Ashram and Yogiji's spiritual successor, this by Yogiji himself! It seems that Justiceji does not exist! When at the Ashram, he was constantly by Bhagavan's side, always at the first place, the nearest to Him, be it during special functions or in the hut for the breakfast darshan! It is wonderful to hear of senior wonderful disciples like Parthasarathy, but it is incredibly stange not to hear of Justice Arunachalam! In a book that is not a biogrphy, this could be understandable, but here, it is not! The book is full of fairy tales about Lee, but not a word about Justice Arunachalam!!!

Among other small mistakes, there is this one, speaking of Mani as an enginer who has built high-rise apartment buildings, airports and so on, and who would have found the way for the ashram! This is obviously not true. Architects and engineers did it. (p. 407). At the same page 407, it is spoken of Mutu very quickly, saying that he left in 1995. Why did he left? Because Mani was so harsh to him! Bhagavan liked Mutu very much. But don't speak of Mutu! This would hurt Mani whose book was published by Hohm Press...

So, let us see the space taken by Lee in this book :

1) Lee appears first on page 161, and you can read his biography. This goes until p. 170
2) p. 209 to 223
3) p. 268 to 276
4) p. 288 to 300
5) p. 305 to 310
6) p. 340 to 344, with stories and imagination
7) p. 363 to 390, this part is particularly full of imagination, often incredible!
8) p. 398
9) p. 410 to 422 (through Balarama, a Lee's student)
10) p. 428 to430
11) p. 433 to 438
12) p. 439 to 447 (through Mariana Caplan, another Lee's student)
13) p. 455 to 459
14) p. 462 to 466
15) p. 478
16) p. 480 to 510, mixed with the celebrations of the Jayanti and darshans, and here you can get the text of Lee's speeches!
17) After this, everything is mixed with 'Lee', so, it is nearly impossible to get a page without him ...

A video tape about Yogi Ramsuratkumar

In Dec. 1995, Lee Lozowick came for some days with his group of students. With him, he had brought a cameraman from France, François Fronty. The goal was to make a movie on Yogi Ramsuratkumar. However, many Indians felt that it was to make such a movie with the hidden goal to promote Lee. In his notes, Krishna narrates all of this. What happened is, that very year, Yogiji took always Krishna by His side, always, at every darshan. So, it was very difficult for the cameraman to take pictures of Lee alone with Bhagavan. People noticed how the camera went often on when Lee had the opportunity to be by the side of Yogiji. And these moments were very short. Most of the time, it was when Yogiji asked Lee to come to Him to ask him to call some of his students for chanting. But some thought: later, we will see pictures with the legend : both the Masters speaking on Vedanta .... However the tape was released in 1996. They succeeded in almost erasing Krishna from it and bringing Lee in the forefront. So, here also, we meet the self-projection and the crushing of others. See here.

Spreading the lie according to which Yogi Ramsuratkumar said that he did not want any website on him

See here. Dumbfounded too?

The story of a Lee Lozowick's Ashram in Tiruvannamalai - Truth and legend

Yes, it is true that the idea of an ashram for Lee Lozowick not only existed, but had began to be implemented. At the beginning, Krishna received some letter about this from India. Let us see what Yogiji says about it, this on the 2nd December 1995:

" It is this beggar who has suggested to Lee the land for the ashram, but this did not come from inside." A little bit later, He will say that he has made the suggestion to Rangarajan and that Rangarajan has jumped on it.

That was the beginning. So, Rangarajan jumped on it and, for sure, Lee jumped on Rangarajan. And, for sure, everything was done for this.... And one of Lee student's, Balarama, was sent there to look at it and, some time later, he was replaced by Michael. The first is still in the group and takes part in Lee's legend (look above), the second has left Lee since long.

From this come this funny thing : "People will come to Tiruvannamalai to see the American guru!" This was said for fun, but, obviously, Lee took it as Gospel truth! And you can find this sentence in Hohm Press books, put there completely out of context, just giving this sentence without the manner it was said!

So all things were done and Yogiji's Indian devotees' did not spare their time to help for that. However, as said in Krishna's notes, Indian authorities did not want any foreigner in the trust that has to be created.... Lee had sent all the money for the creation. Think of it: to have an ashram in Tiruvannamalai, what a consecration! To be recognised as a sage! In Tiruvannamalai! What a glory! God! Straight to the top! What a fantastic jump! BUT: Father did not want this to be. And things came to a dead end in 1995. So, Lee's group asked for their money to be sent back, with interests... You can read what Yogiji said about this:

"This beggar does not want to hear about this land anymore. You understand well, Mani: this beggar does not want to hear about this land any more."

and other things you can read there. He said: "You understand well, Mani, this beggar does not want to hear about this land any more". However, the same Mani, when he wrote his book published by Lee (Hohm Press) does not say so! He even says that Yogiji said : "My Father failed!" As said somewhere else, all true Bhagavan's devotees know that such a sentence is impossible to have been on Yogiji's lips even once! Mani said the complete opposite of the truth, in an incredible way! As said, Bhagavan's words have been recorded, so, this lie can be proved. You can read them in Krishna's notes.

Now, after this darshan where Bhagavan said this many times, Lee did not stop there. Any disciple would obey his Master, blindly. Any true disciple will follow what his Master says and asks him to do, without questionning. But not Lee! Lee wanted this ashram now! So strongly. It would have brought such a recognition! He would become a sage among Indian sages, in Tiruvannamalai! Look at this! He did not want to miss it. So, instead of bowing to his Master and obeying him, he wrote a letter that he gave to Ma Devaki, asking her to give it to Bhagavan! He was like imploring! See the way? Why not to have asked for a personal meeting with his Master to speak of this, face to face, frankly? No, as Lee always does, he would not do it directly, he would use others to do it. He used Ma's expected influence to 'change his Master's mind!', so to say! On the 13th December, asked by Ma to read this letter, Bhagavan became like a lion! ""There is no question to speak of this land." He says that their money, in whatever manner, must be given back to them. Then He says : "My Father does not want! And what my Father does not want, we must not do it. This beggar does not want. This beggar does not want."

In spite of this, insistence persisted, through Ma Devaki, influenced by Lee. But no way! Lee has always got things by force. At the beginning, during one of his first meetings with Yogiji, Yogiji had told him not to come again to Him. But Lee did not obey. He went through force. And in this story of his ashram, he never did things directly, face to face. And he does the same now: he uses his students to write books about him, using Yogi Ramsuratkumar. The same for the video tape. And this legend spreads in this way. And people believe blindly. It has always been the same. Look at all false gurus in the word, they are followed by some sheep. But it is good, every one find people for their own level. Afterwards they will grow, no problem.

Having not got this 'ashram' was bad news.... And now we come to B.'s house. B. is an American, wonderful one, having lived in Ramakrishna Mission's ashram and in Ma Amritananda Mayi ashrams for a good time. He went in touch with Lee Lozowick and he thought that Lee was a great one. B. was building a house in Tiruvannamalai. After the completion of the house (and this took) time, he offered his house to Lee's community..... and he was throwed away from the same community right after this! Is it not nice? And now, you read in some book ("Only God"), speaking of this house : ""...This article highlight a speech given by Lee Lozowick during the opening ceremony of Hohm community house, newly constructed next to Yogi Ramsuratkumar ashram". See the way? Nowhere is it spoken about the way they got the house, there is no B.! Nowhere it is spoken of him, of his gift! However you can't say that what they write is false! It seems, when you read this, that they have built it themselves near Yogiji's ashram....

All this is a game. All this is Bhagavan's game, Bhagavan's play. And these things were put here just to help people to get an 'objective' picture, to use their 'buddhi', their discrimination between truth and legend. As Krishna said, Lee was the perfect man for USA, for spreading Yogiji's name there. And, even through books full of self-projection, Yogi Ramsuratkumar's Name is spread. If people can come to Yogiji through Lee, it is perfect. Then, they will meet Truth, God, and forget all petty human legends.