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Blessings for the Conference held in Pondicherry in May 1988


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Bhiksha from the Divine Bhikshu
(Ma Devaki' souvenirs)

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Some words of Yogiji some time before His Mahasamadhi

Since we put the words that it is possible to read by clicking on the links above or in the Evidences (see main menu),
and particularly since our Master's Mahasamadhi, some books have been published, giving some other words.
Of course, on has to be very circomspect regarding those words. It is why you will find a link
for the "first-hand evidences" and another one that leads to a bibliography.
Books published by Hohm Press are not reliable, except when they concern words given by
Indian devotees of the Masters and by Will Zulkovsky and Caylor Wadlington.
It will be enough to read what is said of each of these books to get a better idea.