- Q : Krishna, what about Lee Lozowick?

Lee Lozowick is an American spiritual teacher. He is a devotee of Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

That's all.

- Q : That's all? Really? You told me that you felt as a duty to correct some things!

Now, if you want, both these sentences i just said could be expanded. But may i be forgiven when i do so. Some time ago, some hard words from this stupid Krishna could be read on this WEB site concerning Lee. I don't want to say anything against this one or that one, i just feel my duty to defend dharma and to stop some legends. This also was a way to ask Lee to stop the game he was playing since so long. Now, let us remove some of these words, they have become useless and unimportant. Since long I hoped that Lee and i could have links to work for the same goal, as Yogiji wanted.

Because what i know is what Yogiji said : "Lee and Krishna are doing my Father's work." Then, what's the use for one of them to confront the other one? Let us do Father's work. And i never wanted to confront anybody. i'm in fraternal terms with all Yogiji's devotees. Yogiji didn't want that his devotees fight each other. But look at this …

Since these words were put on the Internet, i came to India (Nov.-Dec. 2007), here and there, and particularly to Tiruvannamalai, and heard things i did not know. From them, i could understand better this surprising behavior.

Surprising because this behavior didn't appear in one day. In 1994, the relation between Lee and me was really fine, really good. Even in March 1995, Lee sent me two pictures, one together with our Father, the second one with he and i. And it was like this that this Krishna would want us to be always, even now. However, afterwards, in 1995, and i don't know why, i felt some distance from him and his students towards me. Each of us stayed apart, as Lee was always in a group with his students, which was totally normal. But this distance took such a proportion that one day, in 1996, at the beginning of a darshan, our Father asked us to come to Him and told us : "Go and sit there, and speak together, of anything, but speak!", and, during the days when Lee was there, He always put us together during darshans, and this every year. So, you can see how much He wanted us to work parallel and how much He knew everything!

Now, what i learnt some days ago is that, in 1995, when M. was still with Lee, the latter told his students : "don't meet with this Krishna, he is a bad guy." I was told even more : "this Krishna married a Hindu girl for having a slave at home." Things like this. When hearing such things, for sure i was dumbfounded… They just did not know me! I had to understand the reason of this… M. told me : "Lee hated you." I asked why. "Because Yogi loved you!" - "But Yogiji loved everyone!" - "Krishna, it is like this" … It is true that, in 1995, Yogiji always took this Krishna by His side, everyday, at every darshan. So, is it for this that this behavior appeared? Is it some kind of jealousy?

So, now, i understand better why they were so distant (smile). But i could not understand this hatred because Yogiji loved me! Only the opposite could be understandable. Do you think that the Sun makes a difference and does not send his rays in the same way for everyone?… Yogiji loved everybody! He was Love! I was not fighting, never, i even never thought of doing so i just received blows in the back, never directly and i didn't know. Why to fight? This, i don't understand. But now, what i wish is just to correct what is wrong. Krishna doesn't matter, Yogi Ramsuratkumar's Name matters!

Once, Lee visited me when i was still living in France. I did not know that it was at Yogiji's request. I just learned this during this last trip, some 15 days ago; i tell you the ways it was told to me : After landing in France, Lee told M. : "Now, we will go and see Krishna". M. could not understand this : - "But, you dislike him so much!" - "Yogi Ramsuratkumar asked me to go and meet him." When Lee arrived in our village, my wife (you know, the Indian slave … who got darshan of Yogiji in 1990 and received His blessing at Sannadhi street house) and i did our best to receive him the best way we could. And, to show that we had to work together, i even went to Paris to meet him some days later, telling him the same. But, afterwards, I did not get any news from him. I just met him in Tiruvannamalai every year at Jayanti time. You know, Lee met Yogiji years before me; however, like many others, i spent much more time with Yogiji than Lee did, sometimes visiting Yogiji everyday at Sudama at His request after 6 p.m. in 1995. Lee came to Tiruvannamalai just some times, for some days, for Yogiji's Jayanti. However, this is not of a big importance, as we know some people who were constantly besides Yogi Ramsuratkumar for years and who, after His mahasamadhi, have sold themselves for fame and money in telling lies. On another side, we know people who have met Yogji only once and who have been totally transformed...

Some years later, again at Yogiji's request, Lee visited me in Mauritius. This Krishna did his best to receive him in the best way he could. He brought good musicians from Chitrakut and organized a Ramnam Puja in his small house called 'Yogi Ramsuratkumar Bhavan'. Tulsidas' Ramcharitmanas was chanted and, during the arti, Yogi Ramsuratkumar's name. Then, I brought him to some temple and asked him to deliver a speech there. There also, I told him that we had to stay in touch and work together. Once again, good resolutions were taken, but they have never been implemented. By the way, this puja and Ramcharitmanas chanting were recorded and I sent a copy of the video recording to Bhagavan, to show him that we were together, Lee and i. Ma Devaki wrote to me that Yogiji watched the entire tape.

During his 2 days trip in Mauritius, i witnessed a behavior that shocked me. To please him, i took him here and there along with his German student who had come with him and, since he wanted to buy some 'souvenir', i took them to the covered market in Port-Louis. I don't think that what i lived there was spirituality. He bargained a t-shirt so much that the salesman went on saying aloud for everybody to hear: "God! I never met such a guy! How is that possible to be like this!" I felt so bad... I approached the salesman when Lee was at some distance and told him: "Give it him for the price he has asked. I know you lose money, but I'll come afterwards and will give you the difference?" It was done like this... It was not good, because at that time, relations between us had just come to the normal... All these things hurt me. I never wanted to speak of them. I never wanted to tell something bad regarding somebody. However, you know: when you eat something that is corrupt, you got indigestion and you have to vomit. It's a kind of organic reaction. These things were so much at the opposite of 'Yogi Ramsuratkumar' ...

I am sure that Lee does a good job. He is doing 'Father's work'. Does he not spread Yogiji's name? Did he not release a book such as 'Under the Punnai Tree', following Yogiji's instructions, even when he uses any book for projecting himself in an incredible way? As Yogiji said : 'The messenger is not important, the message is important.' Is it not like this that the Vedas are still preserved, even if nobody understands them nowadays? So, Yogiji's name is spread .... Legends will disappear, the only truth will remain.

I have met some of Lee's students and nearly all of them were very nice. The first i met was Balaram, and i have a very good 'souvenir' that I have narrated in the "Souvenir 1995". These people were very dedicated to him. However, the relations between Lee and i have always been distant, i know better why now (smile). I did not feel him deeply. But i had to understand the deep reason of this hatred towards me and, later, of his way of crushing me in the back. I did not feel him deeply, certainly because of this feeling towards me…. What i could say now, after having lived in USA for more than one year, is that he is a typical American spiritual teacher. I will never say a sage, because he is not, as i am not either, but i will say a teacher. It is the American way. Teaching spirituality is a 'profession', like teaching mathematics. Lee is a 'spiritual teacher'. He makes a living with that; there even spirituality has to bring you some money and fame. It is ok, it is like this in USA. It's all in the mind. Americans are not aware of it, however it is like this... Let me add that they are brought up in individualism and taught to realize their 'ego' .. and get money and fame (laughter). You know, we are just instruments … and you cannot say that Yogiji does not find the instruments fitted to the time and the location. However, relations between both of us got better after some time, and they were good from 1997.

As for me, i think that the first reason of that distance between us was due to this American individualism. This is not at all personal to Lee, but to Americans in general (please note that there are wonderful exceptions, obviously (Hilda, Will, Bret, for instance). They are brought up in individualism. And, also, there is that American pride that makes them think that they are the best, that they know everything, and that other people are second class citizens. This has always hurt me, and i saw this individualism in Tiruvannamalai, where Lee's American students, and himself, were always moving in a group, always together, never mixing with Indians or other people, and looking at Indians as second class people and servants. I think that this hurt me first.

I liked Lee's poems, i read a lot of them before meeting with him, in a booklet found at Sadhu Rangarajan's. Then, later, I felt some difference between what i had read and his way to behave, as i did not feel possible to love Yogiji in the way that could be felt when reading the poems and, at the same time, to be so distant with others than his students. But, ok, there must be some reason that i don't know. Whatever, Lee is doing Father's work and I feel that he is perfect for USA, where people look for spirituality with their mind...

Now, the second thing that surprised me was to hear that he was seen as a "realised soul". A lot of people blindly believed that. It would be great! But in USA, in terms of spirituality, common people are so young and naïve… but this is true for most Western countries.... And see, nowadays you can find a lot of so-called gurus everywhere, and they even project themselves as 'Sad-gurus', let us not forget that this is Kali yuga ... You will always find people to follow... I remember another American girl who came to Tiruvannamalai in 1997, giving darshans. Funny, isn't it? Americans coming to India to give darshans (laughter). She was a Papaji's (Punjaji) disciple, and she thought she was 'realised'. Please consider this sentence : 'she thought she was realized' (smile). You know, what they have got is just some sudden intellectual understanding, a kind of 'second birth', but this has to do with the mind, not with the Atman. When she came at a darshan, Yogiji asked her to come by His side on the platform and was very kind to her. Then, suddenly, He called me and asked me to talk with her after the darshan session... For sure she was shocked! This little guy had to speak to her, to such a realized soul! Nice people, somehow deluding themselves, but nice people. But ok again, everybody is free to think whatever he wants. They think they are realised, it's OK. They create a legend about themselves, it's ok. They get fame and money, it's ok. Spirituality has become a big market nowadays, a global market (laughter), so you will always find naive people to follow them and sing their glory. You find Evangelist speakers who got some fame with many followers, and you find others who use something else. It has always been the same. Remember, one hundred years ago, Swami Vivekananda - the wisdom - on one side, and the Theosophists on the other side (basically American and using Hindu tradition), their fight to be known and the way they behave against him. So, there is nothing new under the Sun, everything is ok. Everything is in order. But this has revealed me that a legend was built about Lee. And I was despairing afterwards to see that this legend continued to be on the making and was getting momentum, with books, until the limits were passed... mainly after Yogiji's samadhi.

You know, when i was in Tiruvannamalai, i did not care about all this, about all these things i'm telling you now. Only Yogi Ramsuratkumar was there. It's only after a long time, and after Yogiji's mahasamadhi, that things come back to your memory and speak. And, really, you have to use 'viveka'! God, you are so surprised, so bewildered! You discover that people who were your deep friends, your deep brothers in Yogiji, have turned totally different once He has left this world!

There is one saying in the Mahabharat and used by the V.H.P. that i love, which is : "Dharmo rakshati rakshitah", "Protect Dharma and Dharma will protect you." What i'm telling you is just to protect Dharma.

Q. : Please, Krishna, go on.

OK. In Tiruvannamalai, in 1995, one of Lee's students, M., was there to look for a piece of land to create a Lee Lozowick ashram, so to say. He was living in some house and, one day, he kindly invited me there. I saw pictures of his master, Lee, on the walls. I had nothing to say, as this relation master-disciple is absolutely personal. But i learned that his master was doing 'pada pujas' in USA (as if he sas a great master) and that people had to pay for attending them! However, here again, i had nothing to say. USA are USA; i respected his beliefs... One day, i came to learn that M. had left his 'master', so much he was disgusted. And his master did everything afterwards for denigrating him. I could not believe it. This is what he tells me once again (nov. 2006) : "It was only a handful of years ago when I decided to leave Lee as my teacher and fully accept Bghwan as my master. One of the reasons I decided to do this is because of some of these actions that Lee does and always has done. When I took this act to leave him, being a double scorpio that he is and not a master like he thinks he is, he did everything in his power to stop me from going around France working with people and bringing them to Yogi. As you know this brought much heart pain number 1, then anger and tension. As I traveled around, I spoke of all this injustice to different people. "

My God, these words are pretty hard! M. left Tiruvannamalai where he could have a daily darshan of Yogiji and settled in France. Lee did everything to prevent him to bring people to Yogiji in France! How was it possible to understand this???? I couldn't.

By the time, i met another American student of Lee. His name is B.. This man was and is a really wonderful one, with such a heart, a great one! For him too, Lee was 'divine'. He had begun to build a house in Tiruvannamalai very near Yogiji's ashram. It was long to finish it, because of so many problems. B. lived and still lives in Tiruvannamalai and not, as Lee, in USA. After some time, so big his heart is, he offered his house to Lee's "trust" or whatever the name, let us say 'Lee's Hohm Community'. And you know what? This: some time later, this wonderful B. was just thrown away from his own house! Useless to tell you that, he also, left his 'American guru'. These two men, both American, have lived in the contact of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, and with time they have felt the difference between 'American spirituality' and true wisdom. They just left Lee. In spite of this, I can read a thing like this in a book written by some student of Lee : "...This article highlight a speech given by Lee Lozowick during the opening ceremony of Hohm community house, newly constructed next to Yogi Ramsuratkumar ashram". When you read this, knowing the truth, you smile .... It was B.'s house … and B. has given it... to be thrown away. Name it American spirituality if you want, as for me i don't know the name for this...

These events made things more difficult for me to be close to Lee…. As other things i said before…

Now, this year, the same B. who, like this Krishna, has married a Hindu woman (maybe he too wanted a slave at home …). I asked him if what Lee said about me was true. He confirmed and also told me that Lee hated me. I asked him why, and his answer was the same as M.'s answer : "So simple, Krishna, because Yogiji loved you so much! I have never seen any foreigner loved by Yogiji the way he loved you!' - "But Yogiji loved everybody!" So. B. told me exactly the same as M.

I had to understand why all these things…. I think I do now, after this last trip. Lee was the only child of a Russian Jewish family, and he was brought up in USA. This is a 'must'. Everybody knows that any "only child" doesn't know what brotherhood is, because he never had any brother neither any sister. These children are alone and are seen as kings by their parents. So, they grow with the feeling that they are better than the others, that they are leaders, whatever. This is not at all their fault. It is like this, and it must be very difficult to get rid of this, to free oneself from this.

But this gives some light…. Let us take another example. O., one of the three 'Italian sisters', received Yogiji's blessings to write a book on Him. When the book was completed, the ashram refused to publish it (this is another story). O. narrates in her last email to P. (email that P. read me during this last trip) that, once, she received an email from Hohm Press (Lee's Press), saying that they were ready to publish her book, provided that they could add some things. Olga clearly refused. Following her refusal, she writes that Hohm community sent her another email saying that they had torn her book in pieces ….

You know that Mani's book has been published by Hohm Press. In the same way they wanted to do with O.'s book, in this book of Mani, they have added some things. An entire chapter appears on Lee, chanting his glory, etc…. and in which you find the absolute opposite of the truth, as i prove it somewhere else. But so it is… You can find on this WEB site, about Lee's ashram story, what Yogiji really said, as His words were recorded on a tape (nobody knew about it, but so it is). You can also find the real thoughts of Mani….

In Mani's book too, when he and myself were so close, when in Chennai i was staying at his home, when we prepared the 1993 Jayanti together, Krishna has almost disappeared and he is just a 'Frenchman visiting'... What is funny is that, in the book "Under the Punnai Tree", published by Hohm Press too (meaning Lee's Press), we find exactly the same in the mouth of Balaram when he narrates (in 2003) an episode of 1993 : "a man visiting from France". It is absolutely funny! Really funny! Lee has always done this, putting down people that could put him a little bit in shade. When you know that Yogiji was waiting for me, asking about my coming for days, you feel that this is a really very strange behaviour.... There is also the episode of the videotape he has released, it is the same.

Now, one is led to understand this: In the same way he was the 'only son' at home, Lee wants to be seen as the 'only son" of Yogi Ramsuratkumar in the West. He wants to project himself as so. He wants people to believe that he is His only son, his only true Western disciple, that he only can speak in His name, etc. etc. He wants to be recognized as such. For this he does everything, never directly. M. was spreading Yogiji's name in France, therefore M. had to be crushed. O. did not want a chapter to be added in her book, aiming at the same goal, then O. had to be crushed. Krishna had to be crushed first, because he was the most embarrassing people. So, he was fouled. When they released that videotape on Yogiji, they did everything possible to remove Krishna from the tape. It was difficult, as at that time Yogiji took me continuously by His side. For sure i don't care, only Yogiji had to appear on the tape, even if, actually, it is not so (smile). And all this in spite of Yogiji asking twice Lee to visit Krishna, even in the far Mauritius!!! Then, not so long ago, Lee went on saying another lie, according to which Yogiji did not want any web site on Him, when i created the first website when He was still among us and when i received His blessings. Was it for making Krishna appear as wrong to people? What i said on the web was an organic reaction after this last lie. Too much was too much. You know, the beginning of Bhagavad Gita teaches us to fight against adharma, even if it appears in the midst of our own family. So, i did not fight against anybody, i fought against adharma, let us be clear on this.

I just could not understand this behaviour. During this trip, i have learnt that it has begun on the very first day by saying horrible things on my unimportant person, this when they did not know me at all! Yogiji wanted us to be in good terms, and i tried my best, but it is clear that i failed… There is something wrong, because it seems that i am not the only one and that even in Tiruvannamalai ...

So, i just ask Lee this today: please, brother, stop this game. Our Master was the embodiment of humility. Learn some please. You are not the only son. They are plenty. Let each of them do his work and spread Yogiji's name and glory. You have to remove this idea from your mind, you have to free yourself from this idea. You have to go beyond. You have brothers and sisters, you are no more alone, and you have to learn how to play with them, to accept them as your equals, to respect them. You are one of them. We might be happy to find others spreading our Master's Nama! Brother, be happy for this, help them instead of fighting them by giving them names, and you will find what is called Love.

Yogiji wanted us to be in good terms. He said that we are doing Father's work. He sent you twice to me; do you think it was for nothing? Brother, free your mind, go beyond it, or at least try to do so. True spirituality begins only when one has cut one's head. There, you will find "unity, harmony". "There you will find that "nothing is separated, nothing isolated." Brother, let us work in harmony. As our Father said : "The messengers are not important, the message is important." Messengers are just instruments. It's ok if you get fame in being an instrument for bringing people, at the level they are, to look deeper in themselves. Simply, don't fight against your brothers in this Western way of trying to put down some 'concurrence', because for these brothers of yours, there is no 'concurrence'. There is only Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Let us be all together, and this togetherness is within you, in the same way we could see in the pictures you sent me in 1995.

Q. : Is it true that Bhagavan said once that Lee was an Indian saint?

: It seems to me that it was Pon Kamaraj who said this and not Bhagavan. But let us presume it is true. And i think it is the reason why Lee has put his own photo in the same book his Hohm Press has released on some great Indian sages… So, he is among them... You know, Yogiji said the same about this stupid Krishna who, however, would never do the same. And, even if he wanted, this stupid Krishna is in some ways like his Father, he does not own any book house (laughter). See, at the same time He told us we were saints, he was saying that He was a dirty beggar and a dirty sinner (laughter). See, let the one who is able to understand understand…. where the saint is and where the dirty sinners are ….


Another day

Q. : Krishna, could you tell me what happened after Bhagavan's mahasamadhi regarding what you said on the other day?

K.: I'm afraid to be harsh. But, if you have read the Mahabharata, you see how sometimes they were speaking harshly about each other, without gloves. But they were face to face and Lee is not present here, and that's a problem. I'm afraid to do what he did, meaning speaking in the back... Alas never it has been possible to really speak together for more than some minutes, even when Yogiji asked us to do so during darshans. But you know, using oneself, then using others, then using Yogi Ramsuratkumar's name. There, it was too much for me. Sometimes, after reading some incredible sentences, I could not sleep. So many inventions!

Mera nam Krishna hai. But this name is the name of a well known Krishna, whose teachings are in the Bhagavad Gita. The very beginnning of the Bhagavad Gita is the teaching that, even if people are part of your own family, even if your heart knows warm feelings for them, you have to fight them when they follow adharma. And, i am so sorry, but i feel adharma since long. Oh, God, I'm not perfect, but i'm not putting myself on a pedestal either. My being has no importance, but Yogi Ramsuratkumar's name is sacred, and nobody has to play with what is sacred. So let me say this:

You will find some examples in the notes I have taken, which are entitled "At the Feet of My Master". These notes have been written on a day to day basis, just after the narrated events. I felt useless to publish them before, because it was useless to narrate personal experiences. However, now, I feel more and more that I have to publish them, just to re-establish what is true and to stop legends and lies. As i don't look for money, i think that i'll put them on the Internet, step by step. Now that Yogiji is no more on earth, egos swell again and legends spread! I felt that we have to fight this, it is our duty to act again adharma and to do in such a way that the sacred name of Yogi Ramsuratkumar is not used for selfish interests. As long as things are true, what could i say? As long as people go their own way to get fame and money, it is their problem, as when Lee publishes a book in which he puts himself at the same level as Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Rama Tirtha, Ramana Maharshi or Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Is it not fantastic, unbelievable??? However it is true, you can find the book! In our so-called modern Kaliyuga world and times, it's a good advertising, and only naive people who don't know and are unable to discriminate will take it for granted, however this is their own problem. What i know is that neither Sri Ramakrishna, nor Ramana Maharshi nor Yogi Ramsuratkumar could do the same .... because they were sages, because they did not care about fame and money, because there was no more 'I' in them.

I remember that, one day, at the beginning when I was still in France (i left France in 1996) I received some leaf from Lee's organisation, asking me for money to buy some piece of land in France to build an ashram there. I was surprised for sure. Surprised to see (but this is an American way too, I learnt it afterwards: 'to raise money'; this means that you ask other people for money to do something that you would like to do) ... and here it was for him to get a piece of land in France; for sure in the name of an 'association' .... Then, I wrote to Yogiji to tell Him about this, adding that first I had not a lot of money and, second, that the money I could put aside was used for spreading Ram Nam. As we can read somewhere in my notes, some years later Yogiji will speak of this with humor in the hut when it will be question of some ashram for Lee in Tiruvannamalai ... To raise money? Never Yogiji would have done this! Never has He asked for the house in Sannadhi street! Never has He asked to build an Ashram! Never... So much difference .... ok, Lee got a piece of land in France .... nearly at the same time I left this country. I speak of this in my notes .... Later he will do the same to get a piece of land in India ... and i speak of this too ... Why not getting a piece of land here and there, this is not my problem.

Our Father is no more in a body .... Lee's legend continues and swells, based on what? On just some days passed with His Master? This would not have been enough. It is why some external things had to appear, and here begins the adharma and some lies. (You know, Muhammad's life is also based on legends .... pieces that have been added after his death ... and look how many people on earth are believing and following that legend!). The making of the legend continued in 1995 when some days before Yogiji's Jayanti, Lee arrived with some students and a French cameraman for making a movie. This movie was supposed to be about Yogi Ramsuratkumar. However, many among us immediately understood that the movie will be an operation for promoting our friend Lee. Lee did his best to be filmed by Yogiji's side. However, what happened this year is that Yogiji was somewhat distant from Lee. What happened is that, this particular year, He took me constantly with Him (be quiet, at some other times, I don't remember which year, I felt that He was distant from me. i just say that, this year, He was distant from Lee). So, it was very difficult for the French cameraman to take pictures of Yogiji and Lee together. The only possibilities occurred when Yogiji asked Lee to come to Him during darshan, just to ask him some song from his students. At each time Lee was so called, all American cameras and video-cameras were suddenly activated. It was funny... and they had to do it fast as it was only for some seconds ... I have a lot of video that has been taken at that time... and these videos are available. Then, I asked myself how it will be possible for this movie about Yogi to promote Lee in the way he wanted. I never looked at this tape, but a good friend of mine, who has met Yogiji, told me that : yes, it was a good operation of promotion and that they succeeded in putting me away from the images and in promoting Lee on the screen... This has been, for me, the first real experience of the making of the legend... Because i was there, i have seen everything .... I speak about these days in my notes, and a part of these notes regarding this are already on the Internet.

This made me sad to see that Lee was using his Master for promoting himself; i became almost sick.

Afterwards, after Yogiji's mahasamadhi, books began to be seen on the web. These books were written by Americans, Lee's students .... They were written for Lee Lozowick's glory. It was the continuation of the making of the legend. Here, some sentences were published on the web and I was flabbergasted! To read sentences put in Yogiji's mouth, sentences that He never said about Lee! But people reading that would take them for granted, for gospel truths! I was not alone to react, but nobody said anything to show that these things were nothing but lies. And it was so well done, you will never see any intervention from Lee himself, everything is indirect and well done. You know, the two American ex-students of Lee I spoke about above have lived in Tiruvannamalai, having darshan everyday, and with time they have seen the difference between American teachers and preachers and a true Indian Sage. But those who have never got the blessing to live for some time by Yogiji's side? They will not make any difference, and they will believe blindly what they will read. USA are a land of the mind, of analysis, of cutting things into pieces. It's not possible for them to live (not to understand, but to live) : "Nothing is isolated, nothing is separated". They are brought up themselves in the idea that there are 'individuals' and that they have to realize their individuality! Look, in 1999, we were so surprised to hear Lee speaking like a Vedantist, for the first time! We turned to each other, so surprised, and said afterwards: "God, it seems that Lee has just got something!" It was time, it was the year 1999! But what happened later proved us wrong.

I would want here to digress a little bit to narrate a funny event. The date was 29th November 1993. Before M., Lee had sent another of his 'students' regarding the ashram he wished to create there in Tiruvannamalai. The Indian name of this student is Balaram and, in my notes, this darshan is entirely narrated. It is during this darshan that Yogiji declared that "... this beggar, and Devaki is his eternal slave". You know what? Coming out of the darshan, Balaram was dancing and claiming: "Did you hear? Yogi said that Devaki is Lee's eternal slave'', and he went on like this. Yogiji said "his", but, so much the legend had already sprouted, that Balaram understood "Lee's". By the way, this Balaram will not hesitate, he also, to tell lies about this day in the book "Under the Punnai Tree".

However, last and most disgusting had to come from a disciple who passed years with Yogiji, as he was the responsible for the Ashram. I speak of Mani. Mani and i were very close at the beginning. I told you about on the other day. I was with him at Sudama when, as we could say, Yogiji took him with him ... this was at the end of 1993 for the preparation of the Akhand Ramnam that had to take place on the 2nd of January 1994. At that time, Mani was giving me shelter in Madras, as already said. He was very fond of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. We became very close. In his book, Mani says some words about that meeting with Yogiji ... I have to put on the web my notes that were written immediately after that meeting, because the way Mani narrates it is not exactly 'exact', but this is not of a big importance, as the main thing is rightly said.

Mani's book begins with a lie, saying that Yogiji has asked Him to stay with him for the next 10 years. Actually, it was not 10 years, but 5! From 1994 to 1998. Let us forget it... In 2003, i went to Mumbai where i was one of the speakers in the "1st International Conference and Gathering of the Elders of Ancient Traditions and Cultures". It was in February 2003. I was wearing the clothes given to me by my Father some years before, asking me to wear them, when i felt so unworthy to do so. But this is another story. At the end of this conference, I went to Chennai, then to Tiruvannamalai. At Chennai, I was welcomed by another Yogiji's devotee, a brother of mine, we were and are very close. He told me that Mani had written a book. Then i thought that this was a great thing, as Mani had been with Yogiji, day after day, during 5 years! However, when my brother told me that the book was published by Lee Lozowick (Hohm Press is Lee Lozowick's) and that, because of this, it was not really objective and things seemed to have been written according to Lee's desires, I decided not to look for it. As this brother knew Mani's phone number, I asked him to call him because i wanted to speak with my other brother: Mani. Yes, Mani and me were very close, even if Mani does not speak at all of this in his book (I know why now). But i got a surprise! My brother got Raji (Mani's wife) at the phone. Raji and me were close too, she knew me pretty well, God! But she did not speak with me and told my brother M. (not the same M.) that it was possible for me to send an email to Mani! What a surprise! I did not understand such behaviour! Then, my brother gave me Mani's email address but .... i never got any answer from Mani! How strange it was when we were so close! Now, after reading some lines from the book, I understand this behaviour: Mani knew that I knew ... He did not want to get troubles with me.... However, today I have to disclose this.

I did not want to read the book, in the same way i did not want to watch the tape. I knew it was another promotion operation for Lee.

It is only in 2006 that i told myself: "you, stupid Krishna, you have to know what Mani has written", and i ordered the book through the Internet. I just come to meet it some days ago (Nov. 2006). I have just read the beginning and the chapter 'dedicated' to... guess? ... Lee Lozowick. And there, I was stunned once again! Such lies, such a hypocrisy! I saw that Mani has sold his soul, and went as far as putting words in the mouth of Yogiji, as : "My Father failed!" My God, my God! How is this possible? Actually, what Mani felt towards Lee was the total opposite of what is written in the book. When I read this chapter, I tried to translate, with my bad English, some part concerning Lee's land in Tiruvannamalai and I put it on the web. Lies and lies! I felt my duty to do so. You know, Mani does not know it, but what Yogiji said has been recorded. I have His words on a tape... They have been recorded. You can read them now on the web. What I say is proved, what he says is the opposite of the truth, a big lie. As one says in France : "Mani is taken while having the hand in the bag!". And it is the same for the entire chapter: lies and legend. For instance, about Lee going to Yogiji's seat. I can tell you, I went there too, and even Bret; this is recorded on video. These videos are available. And this is not important: as for me, going there was a fantastic exercise to crush the ego ... And look, the main disciple of Yogiji, Justice Arunachalam, once was told by Yogiji: "I send them there, but you stay here."

To build a legend around Lee, making people believe that he was Yogiji's successor, his 'voice', received powers from Him and such things, this is crazy! What about so many devotees? What about Parthasarathy, what about Justice Arunachalam, what about Shankara Rajulu, what about Ramamoorthy, what about so many wonderful beings. And tell me, what about all those servants in the Ashram who served us as if we were kings, doing it with such a good heart! Muttu, Selvaraj, Ravi who was Yogiji's driver, etc... ? Were they not blessed? Were they not our brothers? Oh, they could teach us a lot, through their humility!

So, seeing all this, seeing also that nobody moved, I have taken the decision to put my notes on the web. The organism had to vomit, even when the person inside did not want (click here and see particularly 2 Nov. to 13 Dec. 1995). There are so many pages .... Indians don't move because they don't care. And they know that USA are not a land of wisdom... I know that, at the end, Yogiji's name will come back and that all the legends will disappear.

I went to USA for the first time in 2003. I went there 5 times since then, at each time for 3 months. This is much more than the time Lee has passed with his Master. This makes 15 months. There, I met what Swami Vivekananda named "American spiritualism". It is all mind, mind, mind! Let us not speak about the New Age movement! There is no wisdom there, there it is business. There, they believe they know everything and that they are the best, most of the time without knowing anything else neither about others. They take from here, from there, they mix and say afterwards that they have discovered the only wisdom and so on ... Lee, I'm sure, is doing a nice job in USA, and to be Yogi Ramsuratkumar's devotee is a real great blessing. However Lee is ok for USA and for American spiritualism, Yogiji knew this and Lee must be good for Americans. And he gets fame and money, as Americans like. Nice for him. But this is enough and please, don't mix things. Yogi Ramsuratkumar is incarnated God, Lee Lozowick is an American teacher of spiritualism.

I have already spoken about the last Lee's lie: he told that Yogi Ramsuratkumar said that He never wanted any website about Him! The site I have created was created in 1996! Yogiji was still alive and i have been blessed. Then, why Lee did say such a lie? As if he was Yogiji's voice? What is this? Let me put it this way : Yogi Ramsuratkumar is Yogi Ramsuratkumar, Lee Lozowick is Lee Lozowick, a human brother of us.

This is the last lie. I have narrated it somewhere else on the web site of the Bhavan. Let me bring it here, for all the things to be together. This is exactly what has been said :

 Contre la légende, pour la vérité

au sujet des sites Web sur Yogi Ramsuratkumar
et, partant, sur un plus large sujet touchant au
"disciple" qui en parle ...


Le 23 juillet 2006, Krishna a reçu cet email daté du 17 juillet, qu'il transcrit tel quel, sans corriger quoi que ce soi :


... Je suis élève d'Arnaud Désjardins, je viens de passer quinze jours avec Lee Lozowick, et au cours d'une talk à l'hasram d'Arnaud, Lee à dis que Yogi Ramsuratkumar, ne voulais en AUNCUN CAS, AUCUNE EXEPTION, de site à son sujet.
Voilà pour l'information, vous faites maintenant comme vous le sentez...
personnellement j'apréçie votre site, mais si Lee dis que son maitre lui à dis cela....

Krishna, atterré et outré d'un tel mensonge, répondait immédiatement, peut-être trop durement, à l'auteur de l'email , qui n'y était pour rien :

Yogi Ramsuratkumar !

Mon nom est Krishna, je suis disciple de Yogi Ramsuratkumar et je ne sais qui vous êtes pour dire une telle chose. Je ne devrais même pas vous répondre, mais sachez que Yogiji Lui-même m'a donné Ses bénédictions pour ce site, qui est le premier qui a été créé. Alors je ne sais pas si vous avez bien entendu ou si Lee entend des voix ! Mon Maître n'a JAMAIS dit une telle chose, cela est une invention totale, un mensonge. Je dis bien : un mensonge.

Pour le cas où vous croiriez aveuglément comme beaucoup de gens, vous devez savoir que Lee n'est pas le représentant de Yogi Ramsuratkumar, ni son successeur, ni quoi que ce soit. Il est, comme d'autres, et ni plus ni moins que d'autres, dévot de Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Je dis bien : ni plus ni moins. Il n'est pas la voix de Ramsuratkumar, Yogi Ramsuratkumar est la voix de Yogi Ramsuratkumar. J'ai été le premier, alors que j'habitais la France, à créer une Association Yogi Ramsuratkumar et à répandre le Ramnam en France jusqu'à ce que je quitte ce pays. J'ai participé à la biographie française de Yogiji faite par Michel Coquet en écrivant la conclusion ... Nul ne connaît la relation qui m'unit à mon Maître, et nul ne peut me dire quoi que ce soit. Je suis mon Maître, et Lee ne peut pas parler en Son nom. Lee parle au nom de Lee Lozowick, et en aucun cas au nom de Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

Mon cher ami, vous êtes libre comme tant de gens de croire aveuglément ce que certains disent, mais il vaut mieux détenir l'information véritable plutôt que de colporter des légendes et des erreurs. Je ne m'occupe pas de ce qui se passe chez Arnaud Desjardins, en tous les cas JAMAIS, JAMAIS, JAMAIS, Yogi Ramsuratkumar n'a dit qu'il ne voulait pas de site ! JAMAIS. Cela s'appelle un mensonge. Si Lee a dit cela, alors il a commis une grave faute qui injurie les bénédictions que j'ai reçu de mon Maître pour ce site. Mais tant de mensonges et de légendes circulent déjà !

Parce que Lee Lozowick dit une chose, vous croyez aveuglément et vous me donnez des leçons ? Dites-moi cher frère ce que cela veut dire! Ca fait un peu Hezbollah tout cela, ne croyez-vous pas ?

Voilà l'information, "vous faites maintenant comme vous le sentez". Je prie mon Maître pour que vous grandissiez en arrêtiez de croire aveuglément des choses sans aucun fondement. Croire ainsi aide des légendes à se former. Sachez bien que Lee est la voix de Lee, that's all. Il n'y a pas que Lee a être disciple américain de Yogiji, il y a Brett, par exemple, ancien disciple de Lee qui a quitté Lee, il y a Mickael, ancien disciple de Lee qui a quitté Lee ....

Ce qui est vrai en revanche, c'est que Yogi Ramsuratkumar n'a pas voulu d'ashram Lee Lozowick en Inde.

La lutte contre le mensonge fait partie du Dharma. Que l'on arrête avec les mensonges et les légendes, et qu'au lieu de cela, on chante AUM SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM, la victoire de la Conscience sur l'ignorance.

Bien à vous. Mon Maître vous bénit, comme Il bénit tous.


Quelques heures plus tard, Krishna envoyait ce second email :

Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jaya Guru Raya !

Cher ami,

Il me semble nécessaire d'ajouter qu'il ne saurait y avoir aucun propos contre Lee dans l'email que je vous ai envoyé ce matin. Chacun suit son chemin et chacun est libre à ce sujet, et Lee suit le sien. Mais le dharma est le dharma - 'Dharma rakshati rakshitah' : protège le dharma et le dharma te protègera - et il s'agissait simplement d'une réaction à quelque chose qui est contraire à la vérité. Alors, je ne sais si vous avez bien entendu ou si Lee s'est bien exprimé quant aux propos que vous avez rapportés. La surprise étant de taille, une mise au point était nécessaire, car, encore une fois, c'est ainsi que se propagent les légendes et que les faussetés se transforment en vérités.

Je dois aussi ajouter ceci, outre les bénédictions reçues de mon Maître : Yogiji a nommé, à vie, son disciple Justice Arunachalam à la tête de l'Ashram de Tiruvannamalai. Et je puis vous assurer que Justice Arunachalam prend le plus grand soin, vraiment le plus grand soin, à ce que tout ce que souhaitait Yogiji soit respecté. Sous son égide, l'ashram de Tiruvannamalai édite une revue mensuelle appelée Saraganatam. Or, on peut voir dans cette revue que le site Web que j'entretiens au service de mon Maître est cité. Si Yogiji ne voulait pas de site Web, pourquoi donc Justice Arunachalam cite-t-il ce site dans la revue, ainsi qu'un autre, comme un site qui est reconnu par l'Ashram ? Pourquoi ne dit-il pas : 'on ne cite aucun site Web parce que Bhagavan ne voulait pas' ? S'il y a un disciple qui doit être reconnu plus qu'aucun autre pour être fidèle aux 'désirs' de Yogiji, c'est Justice Arunachalam, qui a été nommé par Yogiji Lui-même, le seul donc qui pourrait éventuellement dire avoir reçu quelque pouvoir de Lui. Et si d'autres en ont reçu, laissez-moi vous dire que c'était en privé et que cela n'a pas à être mis sur la place publique, ce qui serait preuve de fausseté. Yogiji ne s'est jamais Lui-même targué d'aucun pouvoir, et aucun de ses fidèles disciples ne ferait quelque chose qui soit contraire à Son exemple. S'il y a un disciple qui pourrait éventuellement dire que ceci ou cela est ce que Yogiji voulait ou ne voulait pas, c'est Justice Arunachalam et nul autre (à part bien entendu Ma Devaki avec laquelle je suis toujours en relation, pas plus tard encore que la semaine dernière), à moins d'apporter des preuves.

Par ailleurs, depuis 1991, et ce mensuellement, j'ai fait paraître en français une revue intitulée RAMA NAMA, que Yogiji recevait bien entendu dès sa parution, mois par mois. Or le site Web est cité, à chaque fois, en couverture, depuis 1997 où le site a été créé ! Et lorsque les ennuis financiers ont pratiquement empêché la continuation de la parution de cette revue, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, dès qu'Il l'a su, m'a immédiatement fait envoyer un message en me disant qu'il fallait absolument continuer la parution, que 'son Père' allait pourvoir aux ennuis. Ce qui s'est effectivement produit. 108 numéros + 4 ont paru. Mon Maître n'a jamais retiré Ses bénédictions et ne m'a jamais dit : " Krishna, ce mendiant ne veut pas de ce site ".

Autre chose encore : un disciple de longue date de Yogi Ramsuratkumar est Sadhu Rangarajan, qui a fait et fait un travail énorme pour suivre la volonté de Yogiji de propager le Ram Nam. Sur son site, Sadhu Rangarajan renvoie aussi au site que j'ai créé en 1997.

Ces trois choses viennent, même s'il n'en est nul besoin, en confirmation de ce que je dis, à savoir que JAMAIS Yogiji n'a dit qu'il ne voulait pas de site Web. Yogiji n'a jamais interdit quoi que ce soit à qui que ce soit en ce domaine comme dans d'autres. Mais certainement il aurait interdit que l'on parle en Son Nom !!! La mise au point est d'autant plus nécessaire que, personnellement, on pourrait en venir à dire que Krishna fait quelque chose qui est contraire aux désirs ou à la volonté de son Maître, et je ne peux savoir si tel est le but d'ailleurs. Et si Yogiji a dit un jour : " Parler à Krishna c'est parler à ce mendiant ", il n'a jamais dit : " Quand Krishna parle c'est ce mendiant qui parle ! ". Il y a une nuance qui est immense et nul ne peut, de la même manière, se prévaloir de parler au nom de Yogiji. Si telle personne dit : 'Yogiji a dit cela', elle doit apporter des preuves ou des témoignages. Sinon, n'importe qui a le droit imprescriptible de mettre ses paroles en doute, et doit d'ailleurs souvent le faire. Il ne faut pas prendre ses désirs pour la réalité. Pourtant beaucoup le font. Sans preuve ou témoignage, de telles paroles ne peuvent en aucun cas être prises pour argent comptant. User d'une telle manière devant des gens crédules fait que la vérité est rapidement enterrée, ces personnes crédules répétant ces choses à volonté, et tout le monde croit bientôt à ce qui n'est qu'une légende qui n'a aucun rapport avec la réalité… et les véritables paroles de Yogiji sont bientôt oubliées au profit des paroles de la personne, quelle qu'elle soit, qui dit qu'Il a dit ceci ou cela. On oublie Yogiji et on suit le rapporteur, et cela se voit souvent. Cela est contraire au Dharma. Et cela est contraire à la gloire de mon Maître et il est de mon devoir de réagir pour rétablir ce qui est vrai, afin que nulle fausseté ne soit répandue à Son sujet.

Mon Maître a toujours soutenu le travail que je faisais, et c'est ainsi qu'il m'a fait envoyer tout ce qui avait été enregistré de lui (en audio) à la suite d'un CD sur lequel j'avais travaillé pendant des mois pour que les 'fidèles' puissent l'entendre chanter mantras et shlokas, pour que je fasse de même. Mon Maître m'a même quelquefois demandé de filmer telle ou telle chose particulière. C'est ainsi que j'ai été le seul à pouvoir filmer la confection de sa statue dans le local qui était interdit à tout le monde. Krishna a toujours travaillé pour son Maître et il n'a jamais travaillé pour lui-même et ne s'est jamais servi de son Maître pour sa propre gloire. Jamais Krishna ne ferait une chose que son Maître n'aurait pas souhaité.

Voyez-vous, pour citer un autre exemple, j'ai entendu un jour un disciple de Yogiji dire que Yogiji ne voulait pas que l'on parle de sa vie avant 1952, que ceux qui le feraient seraient détruits. J'ai parfaitement compris pourquoi Yogiji aurait dit cela, c'était clair et logique. Pourtant certains disciples l'ont fait par la suite. Je n'ai pas réagi. Pourquoi ? Parce que les propos que j'ai entendus sont des propos qui m'ont été rapportés dont je n'ai pas été témoin moi-même et je ne peux donc me baser sur eux, même s'ils étaient de première main. Je n'ai pas la preuve absolue qu'ils étaient vrais ou quelque peu biaisés. C'est ce même principe dharmique qui doit être appliqué dans tous les cas de ce genre.

Enfin, laissez-moi vous, dire, cher ami et frère, que je suis heureux que le site vous plaise et que vous puissiez ainsi avoir un aperçu de mon Maître, quoique jamais, jamais, ce site ne pourra être à la hauteur de l'Âme dont il parle.

Avec mes sentiments les plus chaleureux,

Au service de mon Maître.


L'auteur de l'email s'est immédiatement excusé. Souhaitant avoir l'avis d'un autre fidèle disciple de Yogiji, Krishna lui envoya l'email reçu et il ne tarda pas à recevoir la réponse suivante :

Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Jaya Guru Raya

Mon cher frère Krishna,

Je pense que Yogiji t'a béni en te faisant naître en tant que français de telle sorte que tu puisses être mis au courant de telles choses. Aussi mon sentiment est que tu dois répondre à ce mensonge. Nous sommes tous de la famille de Yogi Ramsuratkumar, nous ne pouvons pas donner de discours, ni commenter ni mentir où que ce soit dans le monde contre l'Ashram et contre les paroles de Yogi Ramsuratkumar. Tu as toutes les preuves vidéo. Mon souhait est que tu répondes à cette affirmation.

Au Service de Yogi Ramsuratkumar

C'est pour cette raison que cette page apparaît sur le site web.

 Against legend, for truth

about the Web sites on Yogi Ramsuratkumar
and, hence, on a wider topic touching the "disciple" who speaks of them ...


On the 23rd of July (2006), Krishna received the following email, dated on 17th July (originally in French):


I am ... a student of Arnaud Désjardins; I just passed fifteen days with Lee Lozowick, and in the course of a talk at Arnaud's ashram, Lee said that Yogi Ramsuratkumar did not want, IN ANY CASE, WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION, any web site on him.
This is for the information, now you do as you feel…
Personally, I appreciate your site, however, if Lee says that his master has said this …

Krishna, staggered and outraged by such a falsity, answered immediately, perhaps too harshly, to the writer of the email, who was not part of this lie:

Yogi Ramsuratkumar !

My name is Krishna, I am a disciple of Yogi Ramsuratkumar and I don't know who you are to tell me such a thing. I should even not answer you, but you have to know that Yogiji Himself has given me His blessings for this site that was the first that was created. I don't know, therefore, whether you have heard well or whether Lee hears voices! My Master has NEVER said such a thing; this is total invention, a lie. I say: a lie.

In the case you are a blind believer, as many, you have to know that Lee is not the representative of Yogi Ramsuratkumar, neither his successor, nor anything of the same. He is, as others, and no more no less than others, a devotee of Yogi Ramsuratkumar. I say: no more no less. He is not Yogi Ramsuratkumar's voice, Yogi Ramsuratkumar is Yogi Ramsuratkumar's voice. I was the first, when living in France, to set up a Yogi Ramsurakumar Association and to spread Ram Nam until I left that country. I took part in the French Yogiji's biography by Michel Coquet in writing the conclusion… I follow my Master, and Lee cannot speak in His name. Lee speaks in the name of Lee Lozowick, and in no way in the name of Yogi Ramsuratkumar.

My dear friend, you are free, as so many people, to believe blindly what some say; it is however better to be in possession of the right information than to spread legends and errors. I am not interested in what happens at Arnaud Desjardins', but NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, Yogi Ramsuratkumar did say that He did not want any site! NEVER. This is called a lie. If Lee has said so, then he commits a big mistake that insults the blessings I have received from my Master. But so many lies and legends are already circulating !

Because Lee Lozowick says something, you blindly believe and give me some lessons? Tell me, dear brother, what does this mean? This is a little bit Hezbollah, don't you think?

This is the information, "now you do as you feel". I pray my Master so that you grow and stop blindly believing things without any base. Believing like this helps the development of legends. Know well that Lee is Lee's voice. That's all. Lee is not the only American disciple of Yogiji, there is B.., who was formerly disciple of Lee and who has left Lee, there is M…, who was formerly disciple of Lee and who has left Lee …

What is true on the other hand, is that Yogi Ramsuratkumar did not want any Lee Lozowick ashram in India.

Fight against lie is part of Dharma. Let us stop with lies and legends and, instead, let us chant AUM SRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM, the victory of Consciousness over Ignorance.

The best for you. My Master blesses you, as He blesses everyone.


Some hours later, Krishna sent the following second email:

Yogi Ramsuratkumar Jaya Guru Raya !

Dear friend,

It seems to me that it is necessary to add that there was not any intention to say any word against Lee in the email I sent you this morning. Everyone follows his own way and everyone is free in this matter, and Lee follows his own. However, Dharma is dharma - 'Dharma rakshati rakshitah' : protect dharma and dharma will protect you - and that was a mere reaction to something that is the opposite of truth. Therefore, I don't know whether you have well heard or whether Lee has well expressed regarding the words that you have reported. The surprise being big enough, a correction was necessary, for, once more, it is in that way that legends spread and that falsities are transformed into truths.

I must also add this, besides my Master's blessings: Yogiji has appointed, for life, his disciple Justice Arunachalam at the head of the Ashram of Tiruvannamalai. And I can assure you that Justice Arunachalam takes the greatest care, really the greatest care, that everything that Yogiji wished is respected. Under his aegis, the Tiruvannamalai Ashram publishes a monthly magazine entitled Saraganatham. Now, in this magazine, it is possible to see that the Web site that I maintain in the service of my Master is mentioned. If Yogiji would not have wanted any web site, then how is it that Justice Arunachalam mentions this site in the magazine, as well as another one, as a site that is recognized by the Ashram? How is it that he does not say: "we do not cite any web site because Bhagavan did not want any?" If any disciple had to be recognized, more than any other one, as being faithful to Yogiji's 'desires', it is Justice Arunachalam, who has been appointed by Yogiji Himself , therefore the only one who could possibly say having received some power from Him. And if others have received, let me tell you that it was in the private and that this has not to be exposed in the public squares, which would be a proof of falsity. Yogiji Himself has never prided Himself on any power, and no one among His faithful disciples would do a thing that would be contrary to His example. If one disciple could possibly say that this or that is what Yogiji wanted or did not want, it is Justice Arunachalam and no one else (Ma Devaki apart of course), unless he brings proofs.

Besides, since 1991, and this on a monthly base, I have published, in French, a magazine entitled RAMA NAMA, which Yogiji of course received immediately, month after month. Now, the web site is cited, each time, on the cover, since 1997 when the site has been created! And when financial problems were about to prevent the continuation of the magazine, Yogi Ramsuratkumar, immediately after hearing of it, has sent a message to me telling that Rama Nama had to continue, that His Father will provide. And this has happened. 108 + 4 issues have been released. My Master has never withdrawn His blessings and has never said: " Krishna, this beggar does not want this site. "

Something else again: a long time disciple of Yogi Ramsuratkumar is Sadhu Rangarajan, who has done and continues to do a huge work, following Yogiji's will to spread Ram Nam. On his website, Sadhu Rangarajan referred to the site I created in 1997.

These three points, even if not needed, come to confirm what I say, viz. Yogiji has NEVER said that He did not want any Web site. Yogiji has never forbidden anything to anybody in this matter as well as in other matters. However, He would have certainly forbidden that someone speaks in His Name!!! The correction was all the more necessary since, regarding me, it could be said that Krishna is doing something that is contrary to his Master's will; and I cannot know whether this is the aim of such words … And if Yogiji has said once : "To speak to Krishna is to speak to this beggar", He has never said : "When Krishna speaks, it is this beggar who speaks!". There is a huge difference and no one, in the same way, is allowed to avail himself to speak in Yogiji's name. If so and so says: "Yogiji has said this", he must bring proofs or testimonies. Otherwise, anybody has the imprescriptible right to challenge his words, and has even often to do so. One has not to indulge in wishful thinking. However many people do so. Without proof or testimony, such words cannot, in any case, be taken as face value. Using such a way before credulous people makes the truth to be quickly buried, these credulous persons repeating these things at will, and soon everybody believes in what is nothing but a legend that has no relation with reality … and the true words of Yogiji are quickly forgotten for the benefit of the words of the person, whoever he is, who says that Yogiji has said this or that. One forgets Yogiji and one follows the reporter, and this can be seen often. And this is contrary to Dharma. And this is contrary to my Master's glory and it is my duty to react in order to re-establish what is true, so that no falsity is spread regarding Him.

My Master has always supported the work I was doing; and it is in this way that He sent me all that had been recorded of His voice after the release of a CD I had worked on for months in order that the devotees could be able to hear Him chanting mantras and shlokas, for me to do the same with those recordings. My Master has even asked me sometimes to film such or such thing or event. For example, I was the only one to film the making of His statue in the room nobody was allowed to enter. Krishna has always worked for his Master and he has never worked for himself and he has never used his Master for his own glory. Never Krishna will do anything that his Master would have not wished.

See, to quote another example : I have heard once a disciple of Yogiji saying that Yogiji had said that He did not want anybody to make research about his life before 1952, that those who would do so will be destroyed. I have perfectly understood why Yogiji would have said so, this was clear and logical. Some disciples, however, have done such a research afterwards. I have not reacted. Why? Because the words I have heard were words that have been reported and of which I have not been a witness; therefore I cannot take them as a base for saying anything that could be false. It is this same dharmic principle that has to be applied in all such cases.

At last, let me tell you, dear friend and brother, that I am happy to know that the web site pleases you and that you are able to get a glimpse of my Master, though never, never this site will be able to be at the height of the Soul it speaks of.

With my warmest regards,

In the service of my Master.



The person who sent this email has apologized immediately. Desirous to get the advice of another Yogiji's faithful disciple, Krishna sent him the email he had received, and he quickly got the following answer :

Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Yogi Ramsuratkumar
Jaya Guru Raya

My Dear Brother Krishna,

I think Yogi has blessed you to born as a French man to know such things so my feeling is you have to reply for this lie. We are all from the family of Yogi Ramsuratkumar we can not give and comment or lie talk any where in the world against the Ashram and Yogi Ramsuratkumar talks. you have all the video evidence. My wish you have to reply to this statement

In Service of Yogi Ramsuratkumar


It is because of this that this page appears on the web site.

But, let me tell you, at the end: actually, all this is Maya's creation, Mind's creation.
All that is the continuation of the eternal 'fight' between Light and Darkness.
All that is Father's Play, Yogiji's game!
Then, why not to laugh at it?
This stupid Krishna thinks that it is the best.
Let us laugh! That game is just fantastic! Let us laugh!
Let us go beyond, like witnesses, and look at it, and let us laugh!



 Note : how to build a legend about oneself:

You can find examples of Lee's way to project himself while putting others down by clicking here. You will find about his expected ashram in Tiruvannamalai, the lies written in Mani's book. You will find also about the making of the videotape, about this day that Balaram narrates in his own fanciful way in the book "Under the Punnai Tree", and even what he believed about "the eternal slave Devaki" ....